The primary elections are reaching their heigh point. On the both sides, Democrats and Republicans, are living particular situations during the election run. Looking inside the democratic party, the frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, after the super tuesday and the super saturday results, apperared to be the favourite candidate for the Presidential nomination. Although, she is already ahead on her opponent Bernie Sanders, the latter is gaining the lost ground, after the last winning in Wyoming. Now, the main Republican and Democrat candidates are preparing for the next struggle in the State of New York. The incumbent, Bernie Sanders, seem being a real alternative, above all thanks to the young voters who support him.

1. Sanders’s profile

At the beginning of this electoral competition, Bernie Sanders started softly, with his unpredictable performance in Iowa and New Hampshire. From that moment, many commentators and media have begun to interest on his character. Despite He is over seventy, He is able to gain the confidence of many American young, who, in addition, represent the main source of funding for his campaign with a lot of small donations. Sanders present an unusual political style for the American politicians. He is very near to the socialist current, in fact, His politics and his policies appear more ideological than the other candidates, fighting for an equal redistribution of the richness. Maybe, he is too much “European” for American politics, in fact, it’s sufficient to report that during the Mccarthyism in ’50 years was the only one to define himself “Socialist”. His history of fights against the American lobbies and Business men, by denouncing the recent American military intervention on Iraq or by sustaining the LGBT rights, are only some of the reasons because He is supported.

2. The last Sanders’ victory

Wyatt Berka  | DSCN1472

Wyatt Berka | DSCN1472

Sanders demonstrated in the last election to be a real alternative to the Clinton’s Leadership, in fact, by winning in Wyoming He has renewed his victory chances. In this way, Sanders has regained the disadvantage from Clinton. After this success, during the New York election, Sanders will be able to try to reduce again the gap. The Wyoming victory confirmed the Sanders’ success among the American young people, while Clinton had been already organizing the next challenge in New York, while she was waiting for the Wyoming defeat. He obtained the major part of votes, stimulating a hard struggle for the nomination.

3. Sanders VS Clinton

Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue | Hillary Clinton on CNN in a 2008 Democratic Debate

Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue | Hillary Clinton on CNN in a 2008 Democratic Debate


They are two different kinds of candidates. Hilary Clinton is considered by the political analysts and commentators the Frontrunner for the nomination. By now, It is clear that Bernard Sanders can be the main opponent. These candidates have two different styles and voters. Hilary Clinton has demonstrated to be more appreciated among the Afro American people, thanks to her nearness to Obama administration. Conversely, despite his age, Sanders has acquired much confidence among the American young and the middle-low class. Moreover, Sanders and Clinton have two different sources of funding; the latter is sustained by known lobbies and pressure groups, which are fought by Sanders, who is very able to collect few dollars of donations. During the last TV debate, Sanders and Clinton contrasted each other. The Vermont governor appeared better than Clinton. The former criticised how the Wall Street men and the PAC lobbies fund her. Clinton answered by defining him a loyal supporter of the guns lobbies. However, Sanders has embarassed Hilary Clinton about her decision to not declare her payed speeches and promising to make public the transcriptions of his speeches. Finally, He accused her having allowed a change of regime in Lybia when she was secretary. However, the polls indicate Hillary Clinton ahead for 17% over Sanders. Today, we will know the result.

4. Republican primary

Michael Vadon | Donald Trump

Michael Vadon | Donald Trump

The Republican primary goes on to have very high tones, thanks to the aggressive rhetoric of the main candidates, Trump and Cruz. The incredible surprise of Trump is a real loose cannon for the Republican party. Lately, Trump has stopped his run, but He remains the main candidate. Ted Cruz also has used a very hard rhetoric against the other candidates or against religious and ethnic minorities. In the last TV debate, in Buffalo, Trump claimed that Cruz would hate New York. This is the umpteenth provocation of the Tycoon, who shifts the political attention on other problems or on owner-issues, in order to focus the public opinion on more favourable grounds.

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