While packing for my trip across the Atlantic Ocean: from Toronto, Canada, to Madrid, Spain, I was forced to make some important fashion decisions.

While some fashion trends prove relevant worldwide – such as denim jeans and a little black dress (staples in every girls closet), other trends to do not.

Unaware of what trends may be “hot” in Spain, I decided that, fashion aside, I would pack my wardrobe according to both outdoor temperature predictions (Madrid is much hotter than Toronto in the summer), and practicality – for what I would be doing on this trip.

Below are just some of the examples, and reasons, for the critical fashion adaptations I’ve made – just for Madrid.


During summers at home, I am more inclined to wear a plain t-shirt or plaid button up, paired with short, vintage-distressed, jean shorts, while enjoying a casual day outside.

With constantly changing temperatures, a Canadian can never be too sure of what weather may come their way (even in the summer) – so having that long sleeve layer can be a life saver.

Note: A popular trend right now is to wear a plaid shirt (such as the one pictured below), tied around your waist – ready to be worn if needed.


Photo via forever21.com

Unlike summers in Toronto, (where most nights significantly cool-off), Madrid is more often than not, consistently hot.  So, while packing for Spain, I opted for a more bohemian-type casual look – something white, off-the-shoulder, and light.


Photo via forever21.com

My Reasoning:

– White attracts less heat then the dark colours I typically wear in Canada.

– With increasing temperatures in Madrid, wearing something white and light will keep my body temperature cool and comfortable while I walk the streets.

– I highly doubt that plaid is as fashionably current in Spain as it has been in Canada over the last few years. 


Trends in Toronto clubbing outfits include three things – short, tight, and black. If you have those three things, you’ll fit right in.


Photo via forever21.com

Instead of replicating a Toronto-esque bar look like the one above, I decided to take myself a little less seriously here in Madrid –  finding a bar outfit with both more character, and more breathing room.


Photo via forever21.com

This cropped, deep-v, paisley-patterned, blue, top is gorgeous, and exactly the kind of dress-top that I was looking for. I think that pairing this, with a cute pair of dress shorts, and wedged shoes, will be absolutely perfect for a hot night out.

My Reasoning:

– The food in Madrid is amazing, and I am likely going to be eating out a lot more than I do at home. Wearing super tight clothing is therefore something I will NOT  want to do on this vacation.

– Adding some vibrant blue into my predominantly black Canadian wardrobe has been a blessing.

– Flow-y sleeves like this will make your arms feel like they’re living in a cloud.


Knit dresses (like the one below) are super popular in Canada right now – and during all seasons. If going on a date with a special guy, or out to dinner with my family, I’d likely wear a dress very similar to this.


Photo via forever21.com

When packing for Madrid, I decided to leave all my well-worn, Canadian, knits behind. If going out on a date, or out to dinner in Spain, I would want to wear a dress that is much more breezy, long, floral, and even a bit sexy – just like this one.


Photo via forever21.com

My Reasoning:

– Knit is not sexy, but the city of Madrid, (filled with culture and exciting nightlife), is.
Ps. Toronto also has diverse nightlife, but the vibe is completely more modern, and in result, feels less authentic and romantic.

– Madrid demands florals… gorgeous flowers can be found at every corner… I must embrace this while I am here!


When heading out to outdoor markets or town festivals in Toronto, I am likely to pair a neutral t-shirt with some basic ripped jeans.


Photo via forever21.com

However, when in Madrid, I see myself in something much more breezy, comfortable, and beautiful – like this pairing.


(Photo via forever21.com)

My Reasoning:

– My Canadian style is much too basic for this fabulous vacation destination.

– Long patterned skirts are not trendy in Canada right now… but I really wish they were. (Maybe I can bring the trend back with me?).

– During my first night here I saw an amazingly fabulous young woman wearing a gorgeous patterned skirt – and I have desperately wanted one ever since.

Join the conversation – What look is your favourite?!