Imagine yourself for a moment in Spain, strolling the cobblestone streets of Madrid in search of a unique and tasty meal. You spot numerous chic looking restaurants with patrons sitting outside at canvas-tented tables, sipping on wine and engaged in lively conversation. Around a street corner is an establishment resembling a deli that houses rows of dry-cured ham called jamón dangling from the ceiling and next to that it is a trendy fusion take-out place. A little ways down the road you also find a bustling market full of small stalls selling anything from tiny sandwiches to skewers of pickled olives to glasses of sangria. Everything looks delicious, and it can be a bit overwhelming to choose where you want to eat. One solution—which has cultivated a significant rise in food, or “gastronomic” tourism over recent years —is to search for your culinary destinations in Madrid on Instagram.

In the 21st century many aspects of tourism are evolving due to the constant advancement of technology. The way travelers choose where to eat when visiting a new city such as Madrid is no exception. With over 180 million photos posted under the hashtag #food alone at the time of this article’s publication, it is not hard to see why travelers around the world are both inspired by and utilizing this app to enhance their wanderlust experience.

Top Instagram “Foodie” Accounts to Follow in Madrid, Spain

Here are some popular food enthusiasts who use Instagram to map out great drinking and dining locations throughout Madrid.

  • @muchbites_madrid: This is the Instagram account of local blogger Wesley Much who is also the creator of the website His Instagram account has nearly 9,000 followers and he frequently posts photos and reviews for restaurants, cafes, bars and other eateries from all over the city. Recently, he did an exclusive interview with ROOSTERGNN in which he gives readers advice on the best tapas bars and must-try dishes for young travelers visiting Madrid.