Choosing a major can be a major decision. A major can determine the course of your career path; that is why is it so important to make sure you are happy in your major. More than half of students who attend college change their majors at least once over the course of their studies. Most students go into college thinking they know what they want to major in until they start taking the classes and realize the major they chose is not the best fit. There are many ways to determine the perfect major for you, and hopefully some of the suggestions below will help you to make the best decision.

1. Remember that “undecided” is an option

Starting off unsure? Undecided is the best way to start if you’re unsure. Never jump into a major that you cannot see a plausible career path. Through this option, you have time enough to complete the basics needed for any degree path while weighing your possibilities at the same time. While taking the basics, it’s the perfect chance to do your research. Most colleges have resources such as: career services, counselors, and mentors that will take the time to help discover which major is best for you. It’s better to take your time than to rush into something that you are uncertain about. Trust me: you will still graduate on time.

2. Ask yourself: does this major make me happy?

This is something important to consider while choosing a major. What makes you genuinely happy? Does the major match the career you want? What can you do within the major that you choose? Why are you choosing that major? Keeping these things in mind when deciding on a major helps you eliminate the options that you’re still unsure about.

3. Research. Research. Research.

Like I mentioned before, research is essential. When looking into a major, it is important to consider things such as the prospective career market for that degree. As time changes, so does the industrious world, and it important to keep up-to-date with how relevant your degree will be years later in your career. Another thing to consider is the employability rate of the degree you choose. Some degrees are limited in flexibility as far as the different types of careers you can pursue with that specific degree. One of the most important things that determine the worth of a degree is the projected career earnings. The amount you can get paid from a certain degree can be a deal-breaker. If you’re spending money to earn a degree, it is important to know if you can make that money back and then some.

After weighing the pros and cons with the different degree choices you’re considering, remember that you have time. Also, remember that you are not alone in making this important decision. You can get helps from your school’s advisors, career services, and other resources that your school may provide. Asking your parents or your peers can also be a big help. Taking consideration and extra thought into the major you choose will pay off in the long run. College is an amazing journey that, with the right major, will unlock a prosperous career path ahead for you.