Dubai is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the Middle-East. What was once a barren desert for stretches of kilometres has now become a global business hub and one of the top destinations for tourism, real estate, and fashion.

The first time I set out to explore the beautiful city of Dubai, my experience of exploring the jewel of the Middle-East was simply amazing! Dubai is more than just about fashion and tall buildings. It is one of the most classic examples of modern architectural marvels and ultra-modern buildings, ranging from the Burj Khalifa to the Dubai Mall.


1) 4 PM – Yachting

The Dubai Yacht Club is a living personification that showcases the swanky lifestyle of the Emirati. It was a remarkable experience, because it was the first time I had ever seen a yacht club this close. I was also lucky enough to have spent some time on board one of the yachts, which is when I truly became acquainted with the people and their lifestyle.

Views from Yacht | Ameya Godse

The spectacular view from our yacht! The exploding landscape and immense wealth can be seen in this picture. More often than not, the sight of a private party happening on yachts is a very common feature in these waters.

2) 8 PM – Sunset at the Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa | Ameya Godse

A visit to Dubai is incomplete without visiting the Burj Khalifa. I’m a mechanical engineer myself and was awestruck with the structural integrity and architectural prowess surrounding this building. It is indeed a jewel, owned and constructed by Dubai, a brilliant feather in the already decorated metropolis.

Burj Khalifa | Ameya Godse

The pictures show a stark contrast in how the city literally lights up at night. The complex network of roads, along with the towering buildings that burst into millions of lights by the time the sun sets, are all classic examples of how Dubai wants to show the world their rise to fame as a global superpower.

3) 10 PM – Walk along the Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina | Ameya Godse

The Dubai Marina is as swanky as you probably expect. It is an artificial canal city constructed along the Persian Gulf with supertall skyscrapers on one side and a posh promenade on the other. The Marina boasts swanky yachts owned by the uber-rich of Dubai.

Skyscrapers | Ameya Godse


4) 10 AM – Gold, Gold Everywhere!

Gold Jewelry | Ameya Godse

Dubai is a shoppers paradise. And for the more ambitious individuals willing to shell out a fortune, here are just a few gaudy jems that I stumbled across in the city. The sheer wealth and ostentatiousness of the gold necklaces, ornaments and jewelry is absolutely mind-boggling.

Gold Necklaces | Ameya Godse

5) 4 PM – Desert Safari Ride and Sunset!

Desert Sunset | Ameya Godse

My last must-do is, without a doubt, a desert safari. The experience is surreal. Back in my country of India, we have deserts in the state of Rajasthan, but I have never had the chance to visit them. Hence this was a fantastic experience for me!

The ride along the sand dunes and rough topography is something worth remembering. The sight of the setting sun over the desert is one of the few moments in my life that I’m sure will stay with me forever.

As you can see, the riches of Dubai are not the only thing governing its rise to fame. The city truly offers a unique experience for those who are willing to brave its extreme heat and rising mercury levels. We all find similarities in culture, architecture, and history in various parts of the world, but what makes us appreciate the smaller intricacies of life are the differences in the same!

A visit to Dubai will truly be nothing like you have ever seen in your life, which should make it a must visit place on your travel list.

Edited by Brianne Recker.