LISBON, PORTUGAL. Yet again there’s proof that Lisbon not only knows how to entertain its guests, but also how to surprise them. Case in point: the 28 Café, a new coffee shop that recreates the city’s famous yellow tram number 28.

The interior of the restaurant

The interior of the restaurant

Opened in August 2013 near São Jorge Castle, the tram-café was created to honor this legendary transportation vehicle, explains Nuno Brito, the owner of this not so typical coffee shop. Specifically, the 28 Café became “the way to return the joys that [the tram] gave me,” explains Brito.

Inside, you’ll sit in a rectangular space, similar to the shape of the tram, with green seats. You can even hold on to a pole, just like in the real tram number 28, with an added advantage: there’s probably no pickpockets.

While you’re sipping on some strong coffee, you can admire the old photographs on the walls, showing the evolution of the tram from past to present.

Apart from food, different "tramstyle" souvenirs are also available

Apart from food, different “tramstyle” souvenirs are also available

“The reception from the customers has been extraordinary, both foreign and Portuguese,” says Brito in somewhat broken English. More so than foreigners, locals bond with the tram, and it makes them travel back to their childhood memories.

Portuguese people value their heritage and they will receive you with arms wide open, holding a tasty, strong coffee and in the background, a beautiful ocean view. As for the 28 Café, you even need to take the real tram number 28 to get there.

28 Café, Rua de Santa Cruz do Castelo 45, Lisbon. +351 21 886 0119. Open Wednesday-Monday from 10.00-19.00. Closed on Tuesdays.