MADRID, SPAIN. While there are McDonald’s and Burger King and Subway all over the world, I was surprised to find Taco Bell here in Madrid. Just like other franchises coming from the United States, the restaurant here has a similar construction. The one next to the Bilbao metro station has a nice terrace that is usually filled with students during the warm evenings. The inside is pretty big and could hold fifty people easily. While it is a Taco Bell, if you expect it to be just like the ones in the United States, you will be a little disappointed.

Their menu consists of tacos, burritos, grilled stuff burritos, crunch wraps, quesadillas, salads, and special items. Unlike in the United States, they do serve alcohol here in the form of beer that costs €2. As for the prices, if you are accustomed to Taco Bell in the United States, enjoy a meal for $5-$7 and be full, here it would cost you about €8-€10. A taco costs between €1,30 and €2,40. The bean burrito is the cheapest item on the menu and costs only €1 while the meat burrito costs €1,50 and can go up to €3,15. A grilled burrito costs around €4 and a crunch wrap€3,25 or €3,85 depending on what kind of meat you order. The quesadillas are around €3,15 and the salads between €2 and €5. If you are thirsty they do have fountain drinks for €2,50 with refills and you can chose between Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Coca Cola Light, Fanta Lemon, Fanta Orange, Nestea, and Sprite. There are also different combinations you can create or boxes or meals that you can order and those range from anywhere from €3 to €7.

They do have happy hour on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 5pm to 8pm where you can get either Nachos Supreme and three beers, topped fries with meat and three beers, or a quesadilla and three beers for only €3.
Another very popular and busy days are Tuesdays when you can get a beer and a taco for only €1. In the evenings it is impossible to find a spot to enjoy the deal on the terrace since students come and linger the whole evening. There’s also usually a 20 to 30 minute wait on Tuesday evenings because of the great deal. The hours of service differ with each restaurant but they usually open at noon and close between 11pm and 1am depending if it is the weekend or just a regular day.

I would definitely recommend going there with some Spanish friends on a Tuesday evening or just going with some American friends and try and make some Spanish friends.

Currently there are six Taco Bells in the Madrid area.

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The Terrace at Taco Bell Fuencarral

The Terrace at Taco Bell Fuencarral | Robert Gabriel Modiga

Taco Bell | Robert Gabriel Modiga

Taco Bell | Robert Gabriel Modiga