MADRID, SPAIN. Getting in shape or maintaining your fitness in Madrid can be costly. Gym memberships can be a hassle and finding fitness classes that fit your schedule is a daunting task.

As the weather is beginning to heat up, many people are hoping to get fit for the summer. If you are on a budget you don’t have to put your aspirations to get fit on hold there are many ways to work on fitness without having to pay – at all.

Read on to find out about free classes in Madrid that fit a variety of interests from yoga classes, group runs in RetiroPark and even dance classes:

Free fitness indoor training

El Horno offers free fitness indoor training. This class includes working on cardio, press-up, sit-ups, burpees. The class is specifically directed to calorie burning, strengthening and building stamina. People from a wide variety of fitness levels can attend. Everyone must bring their own mats there is no gurantee that there will be one for everyone.

Days: Thursdays

Time: 7 pm

Address: Esgrima, 11, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga classes focus on building strength and balance. In this class you will learn a variety of yoga moves and learn how to breath. This class is intended to strengthen your muscles while at the same time teaching you how to relax.

Days: Thursdays

Time: 7:40pm

Address: montesa, 35 (esc dcha) 2º dcha, 28006 Madrid

Running in Retiro Park

On Wednesday evenings there is a group that runs in RetiroPark. There are several options a 4km, 6km or 8km (2.5miles, 3.75miles and 5miles). Running with a group is great for motivation and support. The running group is for beginners and experienced runners.

Days: Wednesday

Time: 9pm

Address: RetiroPark “The Puerta de Alcalá corner of Retiro, just inside, on the left, by the small red brick wall”

Dance classes in El Horno

A variety of different dance classes will be offered at a studio in El Horno. All dances are partnered.  Bringing a dance partner is not a requirement their or many people who come alone. You will dance with a partner, you will challenge each other. The classes offered are grouped into different sections:

  • Waltz/Rumba/Samba
  • Foxtrot/Swing
  • Tango/ChaCha
  • Salsa/Mambo/Bachata


Time: 8pm

Address: Esgrima, 11, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Madrid offers several fun and affordable ways to stay fit. Not only will you work on your fitness you will meet several different kinds of people. Just don’t forget to RSVP!