LISBON, PORTUGAL. The world has its eyes set on Portugal. Some of its cities have reached the top rankings of the best places to visit, and as a consequence, Lisbon is getting expensive. But don’t worry. If your budget is tight, there’s still a chance to visit Lisbon. From museums to gardens, there’s much to see, especially in the spring and summer.

Cristo Rei, Tagus river

The other side of the Tagus River | Javier Gonzalez

Enjoying the sights

It’s common knowledge that Lisbon is the city of seven hills, due to the several high viewpoints, or miradouros, where you can see the city from above. From the Miradouro de Santa Luzia you can see the Alfama area and Santa Engrácia’s dome (also known as the National Pantheon). There’s also the Miradouro São Pedro de Alcântara which overlooks the downtown. Sometimes they can be crowded, but the miradouros are a perfect place to start feeling like a local, with a beer in your hand, if possible.

Free Walking Tours

Another way to get to know the city is to meet at Praça de Camões and enjoy the Free Walking Tour around Lisbon. It’s a great way to explore the city for those who don’t have enough money or time. In the morning or afternoon, in English or Spanish, the professional guides will take you around the most famous spots, so be prepared to walk up-and-down. A characteristic of Lisbon is that it’s quite hilly!


Like any other city, Lisbon has museums that you can visit for free like the CCB (Centro Cultural de Belém), where you’ll find works by Andy Warhol and Picasso. So, instead of sleeping in on a Sunday morning, why not visit some? Great choices include the Museu do Azulejo (the tile museum), Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, or Torre de Belém.

Jardim da Estrela

Jardim da Estrela | fedee P


The city has quite a few small and cozy gardens that get crowded in the summertime. The Jardim da Estrela, with two playgrounds, a kindergarten, a kiosk run by the City Library, and a terrace café, or the Jardim do Príncipe Real are some of the most popular choices among tourists and locals alike, and it’s easy to understand why. Although small, the gardens in Lisbon are busy with many different types of people, markets, or any other initiative, especially on the weekend. They are a perfect way to enjoy the sun for free—or for a few euros if you buy a drink—and still be in the city doing something different.


Ask any German or Polish person what they like about Lisbon, and they’ll probably say the beach. One thing we can’t complain about is the weather during the summer, and the beaches are crowded! Take the bus directly to Costa da Caparica —don’t forget your surfboard— or try one of the beaches along the coast towards Cascais, and enjoy a beautiful view by train.

Costa de Caparica

Costa de Caparica | NChantre

There’s plenty to do in Lisbon and it’ll be even better if you have some euros to spend on the gastronomy and the busy nightlife. But there’s always something going on for free: from small theaters putting on plays, to art discussions and public festivities with music or markets. Just keep your eye out for the city’s cultural program.