LONDON, U.K. It doesn’t matter how many times you visit London, there’s always something else to see or eat, and there’s always another place to party. Three days is not enough to see one of Europe’s most important capitals, but it’s enough to visit the most famous places and few lesser-known ones too.

If you have friends or family in London, that’s your best option for accommodations, as you can save money for the high living standard of the country. This is also good because that means you have a guide, and the probabilities of getting lost (which are high!) in the Underground are lower. So much to see, so little time… Where to start?

One of London's several streets of art

One of London’s several streets of art

Day 1

Madame Tussauds, near Baker Street Underground station, will surprise you with all the lifelike statues of celebrities and the British Family. And for such good entertainment, I don’t consider this price too high. Afterall, we’re in London!

Afterwards is Camdem Market, one of the best choices for lunch. Filled with shops of alternative clothes, shoes, accessories and people, the atmosphere of the place is a true characteristic of the city. Although visited by millions of tourists every year, the area represents London’s culture and way of living. Forget the typical ‘fish’n’chips’: the food market has a lot of small stalls with different foods from around the world, from Spain to Ethiopia.

To end the day, walk through the big and beautiful Trafalgar Square and Soho, and for dinner, you have to try the burger chain restaurant Byron for their Oreo milkshake!

Day 2

London is also known for its different markets, so with fresh produce in over 70 stalls, lunch at Borough Market won’t disappoint. After a full stomach, why not burn calories walking down the amazing Natural Museum of History? A ‘must-go’ for any local or tourist, this is a learning place full of specimens to discover.

When hunger strikes again, I recommend Wishbone in Brixton, a hipster and cheap restaurant with some great chickens wings, different sauces and great cocktails! You can even chose the background music through their dj application.

Main street in Brixton

Main street in Brixton

Day 3

To start a sunny day in a good mood, go to the Columbia Road Flower market, which is open on Sundays. The street is closed for the market and filled with flowers and cute small shops. If flowers are not for you, you have other shops and a second-hand bookshop with such nice employees that they might go after you the entire street just to give you a book you really want, which is what happened to me!

Columbian Market flower on Sundays

Columbian Market flower on Sundays

For some more art, Tate Modern’s permanent exhibition is free. It is totally worth a visit, and you can take nice pictures at the Millennium Bridge. To finish these three exhausting but amazing days, the London Eye can’t be missed! Enjoy the big wheel and the view over Thames river.

View from the Tate Modern to the Millennium Bridge

View from the Tate Modern to the Millennium Bridge

I recommend you buy an Oyster card for all transportation, which gives you a refund when you return it. For more info about visiting London, click here. Enjoy your vacation!