U.K. So we all have our own idea of what to do on a lazy day off or when we are taking a break from our busy, no social life schedules. Here is a little list of the 5 places you should visit in UK.

A day is all you need to fall in love with the beauty of the British countryside.


The most monumental and iconic display of British Heritage is at the tip of your fingertips. Based in Wiltshire, England, the monument of huge standing stones dates back to 3100BC and carries the history of Britain that has made its way into the future. Within the middle of the standing figure like art, lies burial mounds. This ancient piece of work celebrates British history at its finest and is known worldwide. Why not make a trip to explore a century that we never got the chance to see?

Alton Towers 

Not for the lightest of hearts and those afraid of some serious heights! The theme park based in Staffordshire, UK, also consists of a water park and hotel complex that makes the break and even more enjoyable one for family and friends. Going back in time to 1980, the theme park first opened  and its major attractions have made it the best getaway for fun and adventure. Come along and dare yourself to take a ride on the world’s first ever vertical drop roller-coaster, Oblivion.

St. Annes Beach, Blackpool 

Just a few miles away from busy Blackpool, St Annes is the perfect summer break with sand that goes on for miles. Based in the county of Lancashire, be sure to hear nothing but northern accents and plenty of fish and chip shops. The beach is perfect to de-stress and has disability access as well as facilities…perfect right?

Pendle Hill

Keeping up the northern theme, Pendle Hill is based in east Lancashire and sets its backdrop against smaller towns in the county. The home to the Pendle Witch Trails going back to the 1600’s, its history makes it one of the best day trips to make in the UK, especially on Halloween. Legend says, the witches come at after 12 to cast their midnight spells.

Warwick Castle

This medieval castle in the county of Warwickshire was built by William the Conqueror in 1088 and is now one of the most famous castles in the country. Opened to the public as a tourist attraction today, the castle spreads across acres of British greenery and under the beauty lies dungeons that go way back in time to medieval England. Tickets very from the experiences you chose on the day but this landmark is definitely worth the trip.