Have you ever thought about how much time you really spend on social media? Or if it has benefited you in any way?

We are accessible to new information more now than ever. Whether it is good or bad. And sometimes this information can cause stress. For example, a minute of scrolling down your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter feeds can easily turn into 20 minutes. You start liking posts, commenting on posts, clicking other profiles, reading articles, and you know the rest. 20 minutes are crucial! A lot can be done in 20 minutes that you had on your to-do list but instead; you waste time scrolling through feeds.

Don’t get me wrong. Social media isn’t always bad, if you have self-control. Our generation is experiencing more advanced and innovative technology that sometimes can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Using social media/technology is a great way to communicate with those we care for. However, communication is more meaningful when done in person. What people post might not always show what is truly going on in their lives. This is where stress comes along: we become stressed when we see how “perfect” a person’s life may appear on social media.

On the other hand, social media might be the place we go to for our daily news updates. CNN, NY Times, LA Times, Huffington Post, etc, come in handy when you want to read about what is going on around the world. It is one of the quickest ways to discover new information, which I personally love.

Self-control will benefit you in the long run by minimizing your time on social media and spending more time being productive. Click here to read tips on how to stay productive this summer.

Your iPhone can wait. Place it down for a moment and enjoy the NOW. Time is priceless.