Summers in Madrid are hot! Temperatures can reach up to 100°F/40°C!  If you’re traveling from colder countries of the world, you may be thinking to yourself..’What do I wear in heat of Madrid?’

Wear less clothes with light fabrics! For men, its common to see them wearing flip flops/sandals and shorts with an light colored shirt. Dark colors attract the sun and can make you more sweaty. They also wear athletic clothes such as sports shorts and athletic tank tops. Anything to keep cool.

For women, sandals, dresses, shorts and tanks! Be comfortable with what you’re wearing, but don’t wear many layers and jewelry. During the colder seasons, its common to wear jeans with a cardigan but in the summer,  you’ll get scotched and drown yourself in sweat easily! Madrid isn’t near a beach like other cities, so the heat is dryer than most. Just like the men, wear lighter colors! Traveling to Madrid, its common to see woman in lots of bright colored print, shorts or capris, and tank tops. Always keep a hair tie on you for those of you who have long hair, and wear comfortable shoes. Heat and uncomfortable shoes don’t mix well.

One of the most important things to bring with you is sunscreen! Make sure to bring SPF50 with you! Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who don’t burn, always  protect your skin from the UV rays that radiate from the sun.

As for other things to have in the summer, bring sunglasses, light bags, and carry a water bottle with you! You’ll be surprised how parched you’ll get from the heat.