It’s 6am. You hit the snooze button.

6:40am rolls around and now you only have 20 minutes to get dressed, pack your lunch, and eat breakfast.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Yep. It is probably what most college students go through. Those 40 minutes we all yearn for somehow always feels like 5 minutes. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen as often.

College life can be stressful. 9 times of 10 you probably won’t have the time or energy to dress up like you used to back in high school. You didn’t have adult responsibilities (yuck!). But that still doesn’t mean that you can rock a casual outfit and still look fabulous.

I have created a back to school checklist that I personally believe are essentials:

1. Cap: perfect for bad hair days. Yes to more sleep!

2. Comfortable sneakers: Comfort is everything. Especially if you go to a big school with your classes in different buildings.

3. Water bottle: don’t waste your money on plastic water bottles at the cafeteria.

4. Laptop sleeve: once you start buying your own things such as a laptop, you appreciate it much more and take care of it.

5. Backpack: too cool for a backpack in high school? Well, almost every college student owns a backpack. There’s no judging there.

6. Lunch bag: this is for my fellow commuters. Save that extra cash and pack your own lunch. Trust me- spending $6+ everyday at the cafeteria will hurt you.

7. Comfortable outfit: cute, comfy, chic. Classic striped shirt with your favorite jeans.