Can you imagine the world, if one day all the money either currency or coins disappear? Some of you may suggest that this would be exactly what our society needs to then change the hierarchy of what really matters. Although money can not fade, since is the engine that drives our society is actually here, there, whenever human beings and wanted goods or services are.

During my summer holidays in Sweden it really impressed me the circulation of money within that country. Literally Swedish did not use money cash at all. Therefore, if you wanted to buy a newspaper from a salesman in the subway station you could do it using your credit card, or for the train tickets you could just send a text message via mobile phone and was done. I know that technological innovations are transforming our lives day by day, but obviously we do not perceive it in real time.

We are now using payment and exchange methods that eliminate the direct flow of cash, for instance we pay our bills, make money transfers and buy goods without necessary having money in our wallets. Scandinavian countries are the best examples. Somewhere I read that money’s destiny is to become digital, but from my point of view I really want to stay traditional regarding this issues. Some of you may argue that we have to get rid of money and that money is a “bad” energy for society since can urge to immoral actions or irresponsible behaviors. But is beneficial to the society all this digitization and electronic way of making business?

Of course not, since this is a game that governments are playing while trying to manipulate our society. Normally every government is aiming to abolish the use of cash and this is a strategic move in order to get access to all the transactions and circulation of money. Behind this scenario governments are trying to enslave society under a digital totalitarianism. Their main purpose is to control the flows of money, consumer payments and exchanges. Furthermore, we lack the intimacy of being an independent consumer. Also considering it from a consumer point, using cash and not electronic mediums can avoid a lot of tax regulations, which is one of the major reasons why governments are trying to eliminate cash from the markets. In addition, when you have money in your hands you are conscious about your actual balance and expenditures.

We need cash, in order to give meaning to our efforts, work and to be informed in real time for what we have and what we spend for.