Everyone, at least once in his life, have heard about Thanksgiving Day, about “that feast or event celebrated by Americans”. But what if one of us, would personally face it in the North of America or abroad with American families? Here some useful tips to be ready to celebrate it properly.

1. Be historically prepared

What exactly are the origins of Thanksgiving Day? According to historical references and the bible-Wikipedia, the event it’s been celebrating every fourth Thursday of November since 1621. The Pilgrims used to thank God and show him their gratitude for the harvest and for the yearly food supply received. In depth, to elaborate further, the founding fathers were English men and women who decided to sail off to the New World to avoid religious and opinion’s persecutions. Once arrived they realized winter was closer and they start to plant Europeans seeds for their sustenance. The plants and vegetables did not grow and lots of the settlers started to die, until the Native Americans indicated them what, where and when sowing and breeding, in particular turkeys and corn.

2. Official statements

Among the official historical trace, it would be useful to be well-informed about the important political statements issued by the key-personalities of America. As for, you might pin those most-known dates: in 1789 G. Washington dedicated solemn words on the Day, 1798 there was a speech by John Adams, followed by those ones by John Madison in 1814 and Abramo Lincoln in 1862 and 1863. Eventually, it was with Lincoln that the celebration was nationally recognized and established.

3. It’s a family thing

Yes, because this celebration is meant to be shared within the family team, just like Christmas. As it is a Christian celebration, the sense of family and gratitude for the essential goods in life, the custom is that every member of the family rushes to gather with the rest of members left at home. No matter where you are: book your travel ticket and join your relatives back to the North of America!

4. Values that matter

This can be related to the previous ones, but it might be interesting and important to present them individually to make it clear the meaning of the Thanksgiving Day. Hence, in this date the values that must to come to the surface are brotherhood, gathering, solidarity and mercy. Let’s say we all need to prove these qualities and features every day, but on 26th November this year, let’s amplify them a little bit.

5. Make your own family

That’s the scenario: you are abroad, outside American borders and you are overwhelmed by the Thanksgiving Day ‘s spirit. You are eager for celebrating it and maybe you are far away from your native family too. What can you do to avoid spending the day alone? Simple: reach a volunteering or no-profit organization and begin helping issuing warm meals to the less fortunate ones. Share your Joie de Vivre with them, by listening to their stories and getting inspiration from those wise souls. You will meet a huge family to be grateful with and for every single goods you possess.

6. (Gender) Role-Playing

Forget about equal opportunities today, ultimately we are going back to the XVII century. In fact, the tradition asserts that women would cook all day long until supposed dinner time at five o’clock, while men would be located in the living room to follow the football match in TV. However, speaking of our modern times, if men would like to help in the kitchen they will be more than welcome to do so. Just remember to bring an apron with you.

7. What’s for dinner then?

Stuffed Turkey is the most known icon of the Day. Nevertheless, if you still want to grill and steam, open the recipe book on pages illustrating cranberries sauce’s preparations, as well as procedures to prepare mashed potatoes and pumpkin pies too. This is the traditional menu, if you wonder whether to make it more gourmet, just read tip number 10.

8. Events equals Parades

During this celebrating day Parades take place all over Northern America. The most famous one is that one of New York, as known as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, mainly characterized by colorful balloons, bands and funny happy people marching altogether full of joy and glee. If you are in new York now, follow the link to the Parade’s Watching Points Guide: http://www.timeout.com/newyork/events-festivals/macys-thanksgiving-day-parade

9. After Thursday comes Black Friday

Shopaholics from all over the world, this is for you. If the zest of Thanksgiving Day turned Thursday blissful, the day after marks the start of the frenzy to spend. Black Friday promotes shopping sales, that’s why nowadays this trend has become popular in the Western Countries too.

10. Also Miscellanea counts

To conclude, let’s point some curiosities out. Each family has own traditions and habits, the important core is to spend time together. Also, aside the common menu, Thanksgivers prepare heaps of other sides and desserts. The original diet has opened to venison, oysters, shellfishes, dried fruits. Then, fire your fantasy up and bake whatever you like. Moreover, remember to decorate your dining room with Autumn-like decorations. So, stay orange, pumpkin-oriented and try to make the ambience as much comfortable as you can with good candles and some pleasant fragrances.