The general public becomes a model  

Street Style -

Street Style –

Without internet and social networks, those new models could not have notoriety because, magazines and televisions based the new trends on famous models or famous personalities. Now, fashion is accessible to everyone and bring some new inspirations directly from the street

The street style is a photographic style, which consist to capture style in streets in a spontaneous way. From a vintage style, very trendy look, gothic or hip hop style or a mix of all of them, everything can be good to capture and share.

Street style pictures expanded really quickly n 10 years. This trend is originally from backstage of the catwalks, where models are photographed in their personal clothes.

This movement been quickly expanded to the street with the same method; men and women having their pictures taken on the moment when usually they do not even notice it. The difference now, is usually those new models are unknown from the general public.

Magazines understand the importance of street style and how is getting big. Some of fashion magazines now, proposed in their online publications a section dedicated to street style.

The charm of street style


Street Style –

Every year, there is fashion week and great opportunities for fashion photographers, beginners, and fashion lovers to take some photographs and be informed about new trends. What is going to be trendy and what is going to be a fashion faux pas. Paris is definitely the Queen of fashion weeks. It is where everything started and where the most creative and incredible trends are born. London, New York and Milan got that little something too but Paris is the heart of fashion and for street style pictures.

It is maybe the charming streets, the beautiful outfits or that particular elegance but Paris definitely got it all street style photographers usually had that interest simply by looking at other people outfits. Analysing how the person and the outfit are fitting with the environment. Street style is the realest catwalk. People are wearing what they like, unique clothes that fit with their own style.

Authenticity in fashion 

Street Style -

Street Style –

We all love authenticity. Street style pictures are way more realistic than those on the catwalks or in magazines. Some of them are still very planned, and very classic with poses but the majority are spontaneous, caught in the moment. With street style pictures, the audience are closer from fashion, than the photographs we see on magazines.  Street styles pictures can be from the everyday people. From the one you see going to work, to the cute stylish couple who like to match their outfit or the hipster neighbour.

The beauty about street style pictures, is that you don’t have any codes. You can pose where and how you want. Taking photographs about people crossing the road, is the most natural look you can capture. They usually do not pay attention about how they look and they don’t pose. The way their outfits are moving when they walk are interesting, especially when there is wind and when the material of the outfit is flexible.