“You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.” – Zig Ziglar

Where ever you are now will determine where you will be. We all must start somewhere. However, it is possible to elevate yourself through your apparel. No matter who you are, dressing for the job you want and not the job you have prepares you for the job you desire. Here are some tips and suggestions to dress you for your future success.

Dressing for the job is one of the best ways to keep you motivated and focused towards obtaining the job. As this goes without saying, decide exactly what job you would like to have. Surprisingly, a lot of people cannot be precise on what exactly it is they wish to be. They may give vague answers: something in medicine, or the business industry, or even an entrepreneur.

It is good to have an idea of what you want to be, but it is even better to know exactly what you want to be. Most people who are in the position that you might desire dress very similar, if not the same, to what everyone else wears. So how exactly can you dress for the job you want?

1. Feel empowered

First and foremost, professionalism and eloquence never go out of style. The most important thing to keep in mind is how you feel in what you are wearing. If dressing up and looking professional empowers you and reflects the job you want, do it. Feeling empowered in your apparel is vital for dressing for the job you want.

2. It goes beyond clothing

Think of yourself as a blank canvas and dressing yourself is the paint. Adding a variety of accessories and maintaining a nice hairdo are some additional ways of adding “paint” to your canvas. You are a work of art and should feel freedom to express who you are.

Details down to the color of your nails or the style of your socks can support you dressing for the job you wish to have. Your physical appearance plays another important role. Regulating your outer appearance is very significant; you can’t paint on a ruined canvas. Taking care of yourself always shows. How you look inside and out is something you wear subconsciously every day. It is important to make should your outer appearance matches your appearance on the inside as well.

3. Do your research

If you know exactly what industry you are pursuing, then you should become familiar with the dress code. Is the environment strictly professional – suit and tie – or is it a more relaxed environment where you can wear jeans every day? Research is always important when dressing to impress. Having a better understanding of the environment and the people working alongside you will reveal how to dress properly for the job you want.

4. Show your personality

Don’t be afraid to show your personality through your apparel. Though some of us must wear a uniform to work, there are ways to express your uniqueness and remain within the guidelines. It’s the simple things that matter. From the little details like the jewelry you wear, or how do your makeup, or even the type of shoe you put on, a little bit of individuality can go a long way. Showing your own personality will make you more noticeable to your superiors, and being noticed can lead to bonuses and promotions.

5. Work with what you have

Fifth and finally, looking good in what you wear does not mean you have to spend more money. As I have stated before, the details are the most important. Taking pride in your appearance never goes out of style. Look sharp, and keep your shirt and pants wrinkle-free. Even if your work environment is more casual, iron out those jeans. It shows a lot about your character in the way that you carry yourself. Taking notice to this level detail will prove that you take pride in your position and take your job seriously.

You are your own work of art. How you carry yourself and how you present yourself all relates back to dressing for the job you want. Everyone has a different job they would like to have, but remember – we all must start somewhere. Something as seemingly simple as “dressing for the job you want” can easily be downplayed. Dressing for the job you want is to first step towards having the job you want. These few tips and suggestions will help you obtain whatever your dream job is. Patience and preparation go a long way, but you are the true reflection of what your dream career holds.