Is it getting hot in here or is it just the planet?

Whether you are a believer of global warming or not, what has become clear in recent research is that the Earth is not the same as it was before. And I am referring to its natural life.

Every little choice we make as individuals has an enormous impact on the environment. It is time to put politics aside, and focus on the reality, the facts, that have been brought to us.

“Extra, extra, read all about it:” Mother Nature’s health is deteriorating before our eyes and it is time for our generation to take action. I am not asking us to hold hands and bake a cake under a rainbow to accomplish this — even though a cake sounds really good right now! If removing this debate between those who are global warming believers with non-believers was that simple, it would have been done by now, but that is not our reality.

Our reality is that everyone is going to have their own opinions and beliefs. For too long, we have been focused fighting and arguing with one another on the topic of climate change. It is time to shift the focus to the generation after us. They are the ones who will feel the most impact.

Educating the young and spreading the message of what has happened and is still happending to our planet is the important step that should be taken. By learning how we can help the Earth and protect it from all that is harmful, we can use that knowledge, and apply it to our daily lives. Little actions, yes, choosing between paper or plastic at the checkout line of a grocery store, are what count.

When our minds are distracted by new emojis emerging from an iPhone update, hot YouTuber dramas, or even Kylie Jenner’s new skin care line, we forget about the topics that need just the same amount of attention, talk, and Twitter trending hashtags. We focus on things that we believe are much more entertaining that we forget (as cheesy as this sounds) about the things that should be talked about more. The health of our planet is one of those forgotten topics.

What I am getting at is that summers are getting hotter and winters are getting colder. Severe weather changes are going to the next level of “severe” and I don’t think I have ever been this terrified in my life. I am so fearful that next year’s summer is going to be so hot that my eyebrows will melt off, and I work hard on my eyebrows every morning. And I am saying this to make my statment relatable.

Setting jokes aside, what is not a joke is that there are harmful things that have been done to this planet and the actions of man can either be the savior of this planet, or the destroyer of it.

From the present and future standpoint, we are the climate changers. The future of Earth is in our hands and whatever action that you take today becomes an impact for tomorrow.

If you wish to learn exactly how global warming affects the planet, please visit National Geographic’s website, they have quite an impressive gallery of real images from around the world showing the impacts of global warming and climate change.