LONDON, UK. You are not in a time warp although the Childhood You rejoices. You forget that you’re in the busy shopping strip of London’s Regent Street and revel in dreams of a past life; you are in the “finest Children’s Toy Shop” in Europe. Although you may not take the same pleasure in seeing rows of Barbies, toy houses, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Yahtzee as you did when you were seven, Hamleys gives you that nostalgia. The kid in you will be resurrected.

Hamleys has been known to conjure this spirit within the masses since William Hamleys opened its doors in 1760.  And each day since, we have enjoyed revisiting former play dates with our favorite companions; many of which Hamleys was the first to sell.  Anyone remember railway trains at Christmas time, science kits, and teddy bears? You can thank Hamleys for their premier into mainstream toy culture.

The world of toys is brought to you in seven themed floors ranging in stuffed animals, arts and crafts, dolls, cars, action figures, and more. There are finds as traditional as Chinese Checkers, as 90s as Teenage Mutatnt Ninja Turtles and Furbies, and as recent as Monster High dolls. More than just a toy shop, Hamleys truly makes kids’ days by hosting birthday and holiday parties, as well as the latest toy releases known as Hamleys Underground.

This mecca of sorts is worth a serious consideration should you find yourself in London and at least 2 hours of your time once you step inside. And if you don’t happen to be in Londontown try the Hamleys franchise in Glasgow, Dublin, Cardiff, and Manchester. Hamleys employees are helpful and offer a wealth of knowledge in the newest gadgets and trends. What more, you will never be able to look at a Disney or KB Toys the same after this!


188-196 Regent Street,
London W1

0871 704 1977