Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president in the United States is in no position to accuse Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee (or anybody else) of lying. Most everything Mr. Trump says is a flat out lie or a complete fabrication. It is common knowledge that he is divorced (no pun intended) with the truth. It is therefore quite confusing to hear his supporters make the case against Hillary Clinton as a liar. What could they possibly mean?

Up to this point I have been flabbergasted by the percentage of the electorate – 40% per Aug 26-Sept 1 Reuters/Ipsos poll – who support Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States; that is indeed very confusing.

It is proven time and again that most Trump’ statements are false; already verified that 75% of what Trump says are “pants on fire” type of statements (i.e. completely false), the other 25% fall between lies, outright lies and some string of truth. Donald Trump makes up (fabricates) most of what he says. See chart above.

So, why in the world those who hate Hillary “because she lies” support a professional liar, Donald Trump?

Could they simply be attracted to the Lying King? “Lie To Me” is an article which may help understand why the Trump’ supporters do not care at all that he has lied his way to the nomination and they hope he can lie his way to the Oval Office.

Donald Trump managed to convince a crowd of Republican electorate large enough to help him knock out all of his 16 challengers in the primary elections. Those constituents were angry enough, on the verge of delusion, gullible to believe anything Mr. Trump promised them.

He first devised the biggest scam of all; he promoted the idea that he financed his own campaign – his supporters love it of course – although Mr. Trump used a borrowing strategy he’s very familiar with, a scheme he has used in his business deals. Trump led his supporters to believe that since he’s self-financed, he owes no one any favor. His supporters are unfortunately not smart enough to figure it out and that’s exactly what Mr. Trump has bet on since he began his campaign for the presidency.  He has bragged his business-success way to the nomination.

Here is the truth, and nothing but the truth. Mr. Trump filed bankruptcy because he can’t operate his business profitably; it’s that simple. It’s really not complicated at all. That’s the ONLY logical reason one would file for bankruptcy here in the United States. So, the “successful businessman Donald Trump” who offers to fix the US economy, the same Donald Trump who knows how to deal with China when it comes to trade, yes that same Donald Trump couldn’t manage” his business to make a profit, but it was worse than that, the business was insolvent (unable to pay its debts). The business was so much in debt that he had to file bankruptcy, not once, not twice, not three times, not four times but six times. Yes, the same Donald Trump who has been bragging about being successful couldn’t manage his business and had to file bankruptcy six times. He is now offering “his business expertise” to fix the US economy. What a joke! And the simple minded supporters love it.

NO ONE files for bankruptcy because he’s doing well financially; so, it’s undeniably true that Mr. Trump was not doing as great as he wants his supporters to believe. Please read this article to understand why to file bankruptcy in the first place shows lack of money management ability, lack of knowledge and to file bankruptcy six times doesn’t spell financial success in any book except Trump’s and of course and those who support him.