STRATFORD UPON AVON, BRITAIN. Stratford upon Avon, famous for being William Shakespeare’s birthplace, and the ‘’Swan city’’ is a small town situated in Warwickshire, close to Birmingham and Coventry (25-45min car drive). It is a small, yet beautiful town, and a hub for Shakespeare lovers. The town is worth a visit if you are living somewhere nearby or want to travel and explore some beautiful, historical, and cultural places in Britain.

One of the most interesting places in Stratford upon Avon is the cathedral, where Shakespeare was wedded and buried. Perhaps even more striking than the cathedral itself is the epitaph on Shakespeare’s grave stone which states, ‘’…Blessed be the man who spares his stones, and curst be the one who moves my bones.’’ Furthermore, the cathedral is filled with Shakespeare’s manuscripts and creations.

After the church, travellers often visit the famous Shakespeare Royal Theatre and Shakespeare’s house. In the house, a museum-shop serves as a dream world for any Shakespeare lover. With some imagination, the well preserved home allows fans to picture Shakespeare sitting there, brainstorming, and writing his poems and dramas.

When walking the streets of Stratford Upon Avon, make sure to take in all the pubs, restaurants, and shops, many of which are named after a Shakespearean character or a Shakespearean relative in an effort to honour the writer.

Nearby the cathedral, in the town centre, sits the main park with the beautiful river Avon, where the famous swans that Stratford is known for swim. After admiring the swans and taking a short boat trip in the river, you can walk around the park and see the two main statues of thinking Hamlet and Lady Macbeth.

Looking for a thrill? Try Stratford upon Avon’s famous ghost walk, where you will pass the spirits of the town – preserved in wax, of course. You can also get a fortune reading paper for just £1 by putting your hand against a mirror.

After visiting the town’s main attractions, take a stroll down the main road in the center of the town to admire the views. Stratford is a place that boasts beauty in every direction. And so, whether with friends, family, a loved one, or alone, enjoy Stratford upon Avon for it’s views and history.