Traveling to other countries can be the best time of your life. It gives you the chance to explore other cultures, see new monuments and works of art & experience new things that you couldn’t of done in your own country. The one thing that is difficult when traveling to a new country, is time difference and jet lag. Around Europe, the time difference is only a few hours apart from one another, but if you’re coming from another part of the world, its several! Your day is completely backward!

How do you get over your jet lag?

Don’t sleep on the plane. Book a flight that arrives early in the morning to the country that you are traveling too. For example, a flight from Chicago to Madrid is 8 hours and the time difference is 7. Book a flight to take off in the afternoon (around 3pm) and the plane will land in the early morning giving you time to adjust to the time change. Yes, when you take off it’s night time in Madrid but the nap on the plane will tire you out when you get off  and confuse your body when it’s time to sleep, you’ll be restless during night hours. (unless you are one of those people who can sleep at any time. )

Avoid any sleeping sedatives like Alcohol, sleeping meds and coffee. Coffee does energize some but it puts others to sleep. Drink lots of water and keep your body hydrated through out the entire duration of you’re time awake. It’s the best way to keep yourself energized.

Keep yourself moving! When you land in your destination (early morning if possible) check in to your hotel or hostel then leave after you settled in. Walk around, explore the city and stay in the daylight. The daylight acts as a natural stimulant to keep you awake and happy!

Sleep when everyone else sleeps. Evening finally hits your country and you just stayed up for all those hours, go to sleep at a decent time, something not to early or not to late because you want your body to adjust to the new time. Once you wake up in the morning, you’ll feel so much relief and energy to begin your new day in a new place!