The 16th of March 2014, a popular referendum declared Crimea was back under Russia influence. 97% of voters decided to come out from Ukraine, but United States of America and European Community didn’t appreciate it, beginning to punish Russian Federation, accused to get an authoritarian institution. The main natural gas deliver, lead by President Vladimir Putin, incurred any economic sanctions.

This new struggle between Russia and Western States sends back to times when Berlin’s wall separated world and not only Germany in two great parts and United States set against Soviet Union Communism. Now, people are afraid of potential Third World War.

Few days ago, Italian government of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi told about sending of 140 soldiers to Latvia, near Russian boundaries. Roberta Pinotti, the Minister of Defense, explained: “our decision is part of Nato agreements, but we want to dialogue with Russia”.

According to Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman of Russian Foreign Minister, “it is an act that destroys every desire to cooperate”. Barack Obama, elected at White House in 2008, is living last days in Office sponsoring Hilary Clinton as successor. In the other side, the Republican tycoon Donald Trump is behind in the polls because of sexist sentences.

The winner of 4th November election day must resolve a problem of international policy. American candidates have different views about relationship with Vladimir Putin. Hilary Clinton appears more aggressive than her opponent Donald Trump.