With its burgeoning young population, the demands of this class has shot up. This class is not just young but also a large, wealth generating category. This has in turn resulted in more wealth distribution to the older age groups. India being a country that has large joint families and close family ties, diversion of funds to an entire family is prevalently more. These young class have a thirst to explore new places, see new things, plan exotic honeymoons, and plan their anniversaries in new way and taking family members to for all-new experience. With the kind of expectation and readiness to spend wealth, the services rendered by conventional travel agencies doesn’t do complete justice. They still do the traditional way. To meet this new expectation, a whole new bunch of youngsters have taken a step-in direction to create ventures that cater to this class.

There are travelers who want short trips and vacations instead of long vacations. Moreover, this demand is the most popular, among all types of traveler’s vacation preferences, I would say. They would want to go for short vacations as this gives enough chance to unwind and also get back to work quickly. Rather than planning long vacations which means being off from work for long in a highly competitive and performance intensive workplaces.

Start-ups catering to this have risen from a meagre 20K INR to over 200000K in a little over 5 years. Travel start-ups apart from just catering to the needs of this new-age demands have also brought in new offerings that has led to a new-revenue for these firms. Once a travel-start-up owner shared her experience as to how she managed to arrange for a couple’s travel demand. The couple wanted to celebrate their anniversary in a Disney-land atmosphere while the current itineraries within their budget did not provide one. Finally, they happened to create a smaller and similar version to make their clients happy.

No doubt, the new and young Indian travel start-ups are providing an all-new experience to the country’s young.