In January 2017, ROOSTERGNN Academy launched its first Travel Journalism & Photography Internship Seminar in Havana and Trinidad, Cuba. The program, -which includes Editorial Meetings, Mentoring Sessions, Feedback, Journalism Workshops, Photography Workshops and more,- culminates in the publication of the #RGNNCuba Magazine.

Vol. I, Winter 2017

Vol. I, Winter 2017 was produced under the editorial direction of RGNN Expert and Mentor Benjamin Jones. Students moreover received photography feedback during interactive workshops with RGNN Expert and Mentor Julio C. Muñoz.

Each student who participated in the Travel Journalism & Photography Internship Seminar produced a total of two articles, -one about the colonial town of Trinidad and the other about the Cuban capital, Havana,-  as well as a photography portfolio documenting life in Cuba.

Table of Contents


A Taste of Trinidad, Cuba | Gabriela Milian | published January 25, 2017

Hiking a Piece of Cuban History | Leah Hodgson | published January 26, 2017

Songbirds: A Trinidadian Pastime | Minki Kim | published January 27, 2017

Feasting On the Culture of Trinidad | Jessalyn Castro | published January 29, 2017

Squeezing the Most out of Trinidad’s Colourful Palette | James Rae | published January 30, 2017

My Life Changing Salsa Lesson | Maria Schehrazada Parro Tomé | published February 1, 2017

Time Warp Trinidad | Taylor Robinson | published February 2, 2017


A Historic Train Trip to Hershey, Cuba | Gabriela Milian | published February 3, 2017

Havana’s Mafia Hotels Offer a Glimpse of Gangster Past | Leah Hodgson | published February 6, 2017

Rugby in Havana: An Unknown Sport on the Rise | Minki Kim | published February 7, 2017

Biking Along the Caribbean on Havana’s Sofa | Jessalyn Castro | published February 8, 2017

Experiencing Havana’s Colonial Past with a Bang | Maria Schehrazada Parro Tomé | published February 9, 2017

Hanging with Hemingway in Havana, Cuba | James Rae | published February 10, 2017

Classic Car Cruisin’ Through Cuba’s Capital | Taylor Robinson | published February 11, 2017


See you soon, Cuba! | independently produced by Minki Kim | published January 28, 2017


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